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Church Host Camp

Christian Host Camp

The Pot O' Gold Ranch is a host camp. Meaning, we simply provide the meals, care for the grounds and provide trained supervision for potentially dangerous activities like swimming, marksmanship, etc. The camp staff is here to facilitate the weeks but counselors to oversee the campers are each churches responsibility.

Get To Know Your Youth Group Better

We realize that some smaller groups may have difficulty finding adults that are able to come to camp with their church but we believe this to be the best way to oversee our youth while here at Pot O' Gold Ranch. Our weeks are designed for each church to get to know their own youth better! Campers are already comfortable with their counselors as they are most likely familiar with them from interaction at church.

Counselors are also able to get to know the youth of their church from interacting with them in a one-on-one setting throughout the week. Issues that teens and JRs deal with in thier lives/homes are unlikely to surface if you only see them once a week at church or even during an overnight youth outing. We realize that this is a sacrifice that more and more adults are unable, and sadly unwilling, to give but it is mutually beneficial to both your adults and your youth to attend church camp together.

Teach By Example

If you have been a camp counselor for your group in the past and came expecting to be a blessing to some young person from your church, you will probably agree that you got more out of camp than did the campers! That's the way it should be. We cannot expect our young people to do things that we are not willing to do and we cannot expect them to have attitudes that we are not willing to demonstrate first hand.

Adults must be personal examples for their own youth in the home, the church and yes - even summer camp. If we do not take a special interest in each young person in our lives, Satan will!